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I rub elbows and share bathrooms with researchers every day. I am peers with other youthful, vibrant, determined people working each day towards our careers as the next generation of conservationists. Being near so many Masters and PhD hopefuls really has helped me focus and redefine my goals. To work each day trying to learn as much as possible, and to never stop hunting for the next wild research opportunity.

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Go explore and research in the craziest places while you can still handle it! Words that made me laugh at first, but very much resonated in my head for days afterwards. The BiodiversiTree project is certainly coming a long. In only a month we have plotted out all but one of our 35m x 35m plots and have flagged 10 of them. My time is divided between working in the field with our land manager, Kyle Rhodes, and working in the office for Virginia Working Landscapes. I have to say, I much prefer hiking up and down snowy slopes carrying hammers and tapes and rebars than sitting in a quiet office pulling out my hair to teach myself enough excel to only have to redo the file 5 times.

Living in the Leach House has been a wonderful experience for me so far. It is filled with old furniture and photos from past teams of interns. The rooms just resonate with history and creepiness. At times I feel like I should be preserving it - not shitting in its toilet.

I occasionally take my DSLR out and explore the area around it. By our pond are two abandoned barns one of which I think Leach Cat lives in and along the sides of the house one can see the broken down remains of stone fences. I love the winter but at the same time am eager for the warmer weather.

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I long to be able to run outside and feel the sun on my skin again. Once it warms up we will be able to clean up our garden and perhaps even grow vegetables. Last weekend I flew up to Michigan to visit Laurie. It had only been a month since I last saw her but I already missed her so much.

I am terrified of flying. My heart was nearly in arrhythmia.

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There are just too many variables I would be happy never flying again and driving and sailing the rest of my life if I had the money and time. And to see my darling for the weekend I had to take off and land 4 times in 2 days. All my melodrama and near death experiences aside - flying up north gave me the chance to see some of the most beautiful views of my life.

The city is an endless, illuminated grid. On the other hand, flying into Detroit on my way back home looked like an endless ocean of ice and dark blue water. Flying above the winter storm made me feel like I was gazing down upon the Antarctic…When I touched down in Chicago it was already and I knew that it was a solid three hour drive back to Holland, MI. Life has always been rather hectic for me - I never seem to think I am doing enough or doing the right thing.

My mind wanders and loses itself very often in the mess of my own self-expectation. In terms of Love, I have never fared well. Laurie has always had this sense about her that I have not found before. She is realistic and always knows how to ground me again when my head gets too lost in the clouds. She is, at the same time, the tenderest person and the hardest person to me. She just knows how to drive me forward. I can definitely say I am still in love with the north.

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  5. As much as she hates it I still very much want to live somewhere where the winters are harsh and the summers are beautiful. It was both my first time seeing any of the Great Lakes and seeing this much frozen water. I remember turning towards her and staring into her eyes as the wind and snow blew around us. Too often I count my blessings because, to me, nothing ever lasts as long as you want it to.

    This weekend was half way done, my internship will end, she will soon graduate and sooner than I want we will both be cast again into the next hectic chapters of our lives. And the hard part that I force myself to not think about is the very real possibility of us parting ways. Time can make or break things.

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    So I held her…But before this tangent becomes completely depressing - I finally got to meet her siblings. I got to meet the brother, sister and sister-in-law I had heard so much about before.

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    They say when you are with someone their family unconditionally comes along with the package and man am I glad they were so carefree and fun to be around. Fresh pancakes, good music and good conversation is what we had for breakfast.

    All too soon the weekend ended and a week of work went by. The passing storms have been beautiful but tough on us at Leach House. Though, being snowed in does have its perks. It gave us a chance to rest and enjoy living in the woods. We just get back, eat dinner and sleep. Walking through the deep snow with my camera allowed me to capture some peaceful and beautiful moments of Leach House.

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    The first month here has already taught me so much. I think about her all the time and I think about the future more than I should. I always seem to miss the small things and yet obsess over the little moments - if that even makes sense. But, the long and the short of it all is that I know that I am blessed, that I know life goes on and that I know there is time. She came into my life quite unexpectedly and has shown me so much in so short a time. She has made me happier than I have ever been and has lit a fire in me that has burned away the dusty, old things that have cluttered my head and my heart for too long now.

    I am becoming a new man with each passing day and I owe her for that. Our finals were comprised of 3 hour long situational questions. There was a moment when we needed to pack our things and move to our computer lab and update a GIS map of our campus with new roads. The hands on, out-of-the-box method of teaching SMSC provided is something that made the 4 short months spent there worth years of lab and field experience - and I am forever grateful for that. Our finals week was, however, a bittersweet experience. Not because of the exams themselves but because of their implications.

    We were quickly and unavoidably getting closer to the end of our semester.

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    As a result every moment of those last two weeks of class were not spent studying or reviewing but were spent together. We played Magic: The Gathering, we watched movies, we made friendship bracelets, we played in the snow, we hiked, we had pizza parties and we snuggled erratically. Before a number of us lay a long and difficult road of job searching, grad school applications and internship hunting.

    Through the echoing of the hallways I could hear the voices of the 11 people that had become my family. I thought about our futures and how drastically we all have changed since the first day. When our last week finally arrived we were once again thrown into a flurry of activity - it was final presentations and closing week. Having already delivered our group monitoring plan presentation a few weeks ago, we were left with presenting our individual visual essays describing our practicum experiences.

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    It was the first time we were all able to see what our classmates did for their mini-internship. We got to see how much poop scooping, bush-wacking, camera trapping, tree finding, park educating, turtle finding and food prepping we all did. We truly were a class of comedians and made short work of making our practicum advisors, teachers and supervisors cry with laughter. Then came our closing ceremonies.

    Gathered in the dining hall we had all come to love, we watched as our beloved teachers called us up one by one and explained to us exactly how much they loved us and how much they will miss us.