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I bought it because it was on discount at 1k. When I came home, I pretty much just tried to relax, played some Dota, and then suddenly the season started again! We were traveling to Croatia and the Ukraine and it was Dota life again. I do still enjoy playing Dota.

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I choose to play Dota. As a professional player I have a lot of time to self-reflect on my decisions and my life and what I want from it. Sometimes, I just sit for thirty minutes and just think. Then I realize I just want to get better and win the next TI. I think the start of the season was just that we were playing the same strategies that we ran at TI7. In that sense at the tournaments we just played our old style and it worked for some time. After a while though it got harder and harder to win games so we found ourselves needing to adapt to the other teams.

I think there certainly has been some fluctuation in our motivations. Three weeks playing; one week at home. Then it happens again. I think our team especially had been really burned out during the mid-season.

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But we dealt with it and here we are. For us, sometimes you just need a really good break from Dota and just not be at the computer for a week. At the very least for a couple of days. Completely reset your mind, then you can come back fresh to play the game again and start improving again.

Dota is enough in my life as far as video games. So if I were gonna be playing another game I might as well play Dota. They were more willing to adapt to the patches and play different heroes to really be the best.

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I feel like a lot of teams had this burning in their hearts to become the best. They were more willing to change their playstyles in order to win. I feel like during the year, a lot of teams had the urge to beat us. I feel like people knew our TI victory was a strategic victory. I feel like other teams felt they had to become more diverse in the heroes they play and be willing to change.

I think we have been building a pretty good structure during these years with Liquid. Of course we can always make small changes and improvements but things have stayed mostly the same. We have a good foundation with Liquid. Not getting to the stage and playing in front of the audience was… Personally my first time not getting to the stage in any event. It was a catastrophe.

26 October 2018

We went with it and we submitted to one idea of playstyle. We had to come up with new ideas, fresh ideas.

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Players can easily get stuck in their old ways that used to work. We really tried to change and I feel like towards the end of the season we really started to change. Now we have to see how well it works at TI. A lot of it is about looking at other successful teams and blatantly copying what they do and making it your own and make it even better.

I just play the game and try to provide the things my team needs to win. I even stopped reading Reddit because it was just a waste of my time.

My teammates deserve all of the praise that they get. Well of course they can think whatever they want. What can I do about that? Personally I just try and find heroes that really abuse the game. It requires different kinds of skills. Outside the game of course we appreciate the fans. I can just do what I love and be satisfied. Virtus Pro sorta just had our number and were really dominant. I feel like in that sense we failed but we also have to think positively — we came in second during this season. We were bootcamping for a pretty long time. It was pretty hot, not gonna lie!

Game-wise though the bootcamp was pretty good. Originally posted by njontor :. Chihuehue View Profile View Posts.

Suprem View Profile View Posts. I sent yesterday 3 items worth 30 euro for gold coin and the bot has stuck, the items are sent and I have not received gold coins!

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